consequences of nuking Iraq

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Jan 27 06:55:29 MST 2003

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>Nobody on this list has the kind of information needed to assess Al-Aeda's
>capabailities.  I certainly don't and do not want to have that kind of
>information either.  I will point out though that their potential would
>seem to be deliberately exaggerated by the Western militaqry-security
>complex.  After all terrorism keeps them in a job.

To date Al-Qaeda have mounted several operations noted not only for their
political stupidity and immorality but also their relative low level of
technology, - box-cutters, ancient rockets, small boats, car bombs and
hi-jacked planes.

My guess, and that is all we can do, is that as an organisation Al-Qaeda
are close to being a busted flush.

I certainly hope so.  What we would all like to see is not an outbreak of
terrorism but an upsurge of popular mass politics of the sort that brought
down the Shah.  Even though they ended in the dictatorship of the mullahs,
there was for a time popular mass opposition to domestic tyranny and
American imperialism.



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