Irish parliament to discuss war / Shannon

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Jan 27 16:11:12 MST 2003

Hi Brian,

I wonder if you would agree that the Southern Govt and the Irish
bourgeoisie are trapped in a dilemma of their own making.  They want to go
with Europe and with America.  The Shannon offer was for them fairly
minimal. However they have been caught out by the depth of opposition to US
ambitions in France and Germany, not to mention within the USA itself.

So now like the true opportunists they do not know quite which way to
jump.  In some ways
their problem is a weaker or maybe a more nuanced version of
Britain's  "All the way with the USA".  Britain wants to keep in Europe but
wants to preserve its special relationship with USA. that is it wants to be
a junior partner of the American imperialists. However that would seem to
take them outside the European sphere.

Of course ever since De Valera's time the Irish have been trying to get the
Americans to intervene on their behalf with the British.  Without much
success it might be added.

It all reminds me of the line about Long John Silver - trying to keep a
foot in both camps and him with only one leg.



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