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James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 27 17:38:43 MST 2003

[ quoted digest snipped ]

Donal, a chara

I don't think we need to apologise for the size of our country; and I simply
beg to differ about the quality of my analysis (dialectics, conjunctural
thinking etc.)

You asked where James Connolly said that talk of "blending the Orange and
Green" was "claptrap". It can be found at


You say:

I think you misrepresent modern Republicans. I certainly would like to see
evidence of modern Republicans 'misrepresent[ing] the position of the
[present day inheritors of the -- J. D.] Carsonites...to claim for them the
admiration of Irish Nationalists'. I am amused that you would even suggest

That's the problem: it's now a structural reality, and it's really not
amusing, it's tragic.



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