LBO-T's toxic shock troopers (revised and extended)

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Mon Jan 27 19:04:27 MST 2003

I wrote (punctuation corrected):

>>The toxic shock troopers of LBO-T's hall of
shame include: none other than Duff himself;
Dennis Perrin (indescribably offensive);
'economist' Max
Sawicky (who, even when I agree with him, makes
me ill); feared raider of the lost ark, Chip
Berlet (I've never agreed with him on anything;
if he admitted to being a stupid, ill-informed
wonk who writes for a think tank of
crypto-politics and pseudo-policy formulations,
I'd probably disagree with him; he really is like
'sociology's' stupid version of Max); Tahir Woods
(an autonomist Marxist with a fixation on canine
feces and killing Islamic fundamentalists);
Justin Schwartz (a Hayekian lawyer who thinks he
does 'philosophy'); Michael Pugliese; oh, yeah,
and Chuck of the Null Setting, Louis's favorite.
I can't even remember the names of the other ones
(no wait, I just remembered Luke Weiger, or was
that just a bad gas attack?)...<<

I forgot--the mind reels, I lost sleep last
night, how could I forget--Brad 'BIFF' Delong,
bubbly Berkeley 'economist' and economics 101
textbook salesman whose claim to fame was that he
was a hanger-on with Rubin and Summers under
Clinton (which makes him, what, like about 3000
other people now in academia).

Now Biff and Duff had some real good 'economics'
discussions on Duff's list (and perhaps Biff's
blog), so when Biff would storm off Duff's list
in a huff for his lack of leftist thinking, Duff
would bend over backwards to get him back for his
economic sagacity. I'd say another LBO-T toxic
trooper, Max Sawicky, is a somewhat better
economist than Biff (while Duff really knows his
19th century poetry), but if there were a just
god, all three would not have a happy 2003.

BTW, Yoshie, you're welcome to forward my posts
to LBO-T anytime.

C. Jannuzi

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