Running dry

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Tue Jan 28 15:33:47 MST 2003

Drought of record proportions is also affecting Australia. For those who
are interested, this has been dramatised by the huge bushfires (that's
Australian for wildfires, "the bush" meaning "the wild" roughly) around
the capital, Canberra.
I heard there was a letter to one of the daily papers to the effect
that, rather than sending troops to Iraq, we ought to send the CFA
(Country Fire Authority?) to Washington since they seem pretty
experienced at hosing down Bush fires.
Ben Courtice

Drought, bushfires and global warming: Howard fiddles while Australia burns
Only a year after the worst bushfires in Australia's written history,
another round of horrific bushfires is sweeping through south-eastern
Australia. In Canberra, four people were killed, hundreds injured and
more than 530 houses were destroyed by a fire storm which swept through
the federal capital's western suburbs on January 18.
This catastrophic wave of bushfires is occurring in the context of the
worst drought in Australia since reliable records began in 1910. The
drought has devastated rural communities and placed severe pressure on
local ecosystems.

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