World unemployment reaches record high

DMS dmschanoes at
Tue Jan 28 18:19:56 MST 2003

As bad as the ILO figures are, they seem to grossly understate the problem,
particularly with regards to China.  80% pf China's growth in the past
decade has been concentrated in the cities and industrial zones.  ;Still, 68
percent of the population lives in rural areas.   Taxes on agriculture have
increased mightily, driving more and more peasants and small farmers off the
land.  The rural sector appears  near collapse with massive migrations of
the undocumented to the cities.

Unofficial estimates, which include  laid-off workers, and rural
underemployement place the actual numbers at over 200 million.  I have
trouble believing it too.  But the NYT recently reported rural unemployment
in China at 171 million, the same number produced by a Japanese econometric

If anyone out there can verify these numbers or provide a more accurate
estimate, I would appreciate the information.


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