Jakarta anti-war call

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Jan 28 18:59:29 MST 2003

This call to an anti-war organising meeting was just circulated in Indonesia,
by a coalition of groups. The ones I recognise are all close to the People's
Democratic Party. The CGI is the Consultative Group on Indonesia, a group of
international creditors. My hasty translation.

American plans to attack Iraq must be stopped. The US must not be allowed to
become a monster haunting other countries. After Afghanistan being devastated
and Iraq bombed, next will come Iran, North Korea -- then who will be the next
victim? The US terror policy which colonises other countries has to be stopped
before it devours even more victims. And then what about the US economic monster
(read: IMF, WB, WTO, CGI) which also colonises developing countries on the pretense
of helping them. What of regimes that parrot the line of this monster? They
all have to be brought down.

The position of Indonesia under the regime of Megawati-Hamzah Haz toward these
two issues is not clear. Towards the plans to attack Iraq, the regime takes
a passive steance. Towards the IMF, WB, WTO, CGI etc, the regime can only bow
and obey. So when will we arise and raise our clenched fists of resisteance
towards all these forms of imperialism?

The existing regime has changed forms three times since the days of the New
Order [Suharto regime- TO’L), all of them preferring to dedicate themselves
to the needs of the US as opposed to those of the people. The Anti-Terrorist
Presidential Decree is a form of weakening of its bargaining power towards American
political pressure. A government that prefers to eliminate subsidies to the
people (read: causing rising prices of fuel, telephones and electricity) is
a barren regime. Consequently the people become the victims. As evidenced by
how the elimination of subsidies increases the cost of living and health care.
Also [there is] a rationalisation of companies because the business climate
is not conducive due to rising production costs -- and the end result is job
cuts. The people no longer have any buying power, and amidst this lack of buying
power the government increases prices. The people cry out more and more.

To discuss these problems, we of the Anti-Imperialist Front invite all comrades
to a meeting on 20 January at 5 pm (details follow
). We hope comrades can come
along, so that we can stop these imperialist steps; and can provide answers
to our beloved country as well as offer solidarity to Iraq, which is one of
the oppressed countries.

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