Poets Organizing Against the War

Jay Moore pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Jan 29 00:35:23 MST 2003

100 poets enlisted in protest against war

Montreal-born Todd Swift has organized
an e-mail demonstration of antiwar verse


Globe & Mail
Tuesday, January 28, 2003 - Print Edition, Page R1

One week ago, the Montreal-born poet Todd Swift was sitting in a Paris café,
reading The Guardian, fuming about the hard-line American stance on war with

He decided to organize a protest -- of powerful words and haunting images.
And yesterday, to coincide with the release of the UN weapons inspectors'
report, Swift e-mailed an anthology called 100 Poets Against the War to
friends, family and far-flung acquaintances.

In one day, the book (available at http://www.nthposition.com) spread like
wildfire on the Internet, with people around the world reading the works of
these poets, who congregated in one place to beat the antiwar drum.

"What I was hoping to do with this book is contribute to a growing sense
that we're not a minority in opposing this war any more," said Swift, 36,
who was reached by phone yesterday in the French capital where he is
currently living with his fiancée. "In fact, we're becoming a cultural

"Most Europeans are quite upset by what looks like an aggressive, unilateral
push by the United States for war, at a time when everyone else wants time
for further discussion and more reflection," added Swift.

"I thought, let's move quickly and get something out that inspires and
contains a powerful message. I wanted to let people who are opposed to the
war know they're not alone."


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