Anti-imperialist USA?

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Wed Jan 29 02:13:29 MST 2003

At the Paris Ivory Coast conference president Laurent Gbagbo has been
virtrtually forced to resign by Chirac, but it looks as if Gbago tries to
exploit current French-US tensions by mobilizing its supporters and calling
the US for help:

The New Yok Times reports today:

Ivory Coast Army Rejects Power-Sharing Deal With Rebels
BIDJAN, Ivory Coast, Jan. 28 - A French-brokered peace accord aimed at
ending a brutal four-month-long civil war in this country seemed to teeter
this evening, as the army rejected key elements of a power-sharing deal with
rebel groups and aligned itself with supporters of Ivory Coast's elected
Government backers protested the accord in the streets of Abidjan, Ivory
Coast's main city [...].[...]
Crowds converged on the United States Embassy, demanding that Washington
intervene. People chanted "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" and waved American flags. Some
held aloft a sign that read: "America welcome in Ivory Coast. France bye
Not far away, the French Embassy was marred with ugly graffiti and the
detritus of the violent weekend that resulted from the signing of the
accord. Someone had scrawled "Zone de Guerre," or war zone, on the white
fence outside.


French marines confronting demonstrators in Abidjan:

Anti-French pro-US protests

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