Belfast Antiwar Protest

D OC donaloc at
Wed Jan 29 09:22:41 MST 2003

A chairde,

It appears that there will be an anti-war demo in Belfast - it will start at
the Art College 2.00pm and make its way to Cityhall. It will be interesting
to see the turnout from all sides...

I see that the British Government is refusing entry into Hyde Park for the
Feb 15th demo. The Stop the War Coalition are not going to accept it. I
don't think the cops will be able to tell 500,000 people to 'keep off the
grass'!! The antiwar demo in London is possibly the most important given the
political cover afforded by Blair to Bush.

I see viewers of Channel 4 News voted for Tony Benn as Politician of the
Year (above the 3 party leaders and two leading Ministers). The 78 year old
leftwing veteran, who left parliament to spend more time 'at politics', won
by a landslide vote, apparently. It's only a pity he never got a straight
run at Thatcher in '82.

Is mise,

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