Indonesia: Student Movement 2003

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Jan 29 14:42:36 MST 2003

This is from the paper Sinar Harapan 29 Jan 03. A previous post on this
list reported demonstrations against price hikes.


"Although with delay (perhaps we should say: with great delay) finally the
Megawati Government reponded [to the demonstrations]. Initially, the plan
to put up phone charges was delayed. But the demos continued. Then the
prices of fuel and cooking oil which had already gone up were corrected
again (although not all of them). But that too didn't stop the

"Above all the students kept up with movements of protest and rejection,
which were finally directed against the duet Mega-Hamzah. This is the
Student Movement 2003, which began with spreading actions demanding
cancellation of the price rises, but eventually demanded that Mega and
Hamzah step down."

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