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I know I'm kind of repeating here but this has more
info and a few more links.


A local peace activist was arrested this morning after attempting to
disarm a US military plane parked at Shannon Airport.

Mary Kelly entered the airport last night and succeeded in damaging
the nose of the plane with a hammer before she was apprehended.  Mary
said that she felt compelled to act after the statement last weekend
from the Transport Minister that he was allowing the transport of
munitions through Shannon and because the Gardaí were not doing their
job, investigating and preventing illegal military use of Shannon,

Shannon has been the focus of much protest recently as it is being
used a staging post by US military planes en route to the Middle
East.  This opposition has taken many forms, including a number of
marches (the latest was attended by over 2000 people) and the
establishment of a permanent Peace Camp at the airport.  The Peace
Camp said today that while Mary's action was not planned by the Camp
as a group, they "fully understood why she felt she had to do it"
and "offer her our full support".

A previous attempt to directly disarm a US Navy Hercules Aircraft was
made in September last year when peace activist Eoin Dubsky entered
Shannon and sprayed the windscreen of the plane.  His case is came
before the courts in December[1] and a verdict is expected in

Mary is currently being held at Shannon Garda Station and is expected
to appear in court some time later today.

Further Information
http://www.indymedia.ie (front page, main story)
[1]Notes on Eoin Dubsky's trial are available at

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