Labor MP defects to Greens in Australia

Peter Boyle peterb at
Wed Jan 29 19:36:23 MST 2003

This is a significant political development in Australian
progressive politics. I understand this MP has also offered
to assist anti-war activists organise.

Meanwhile Prime Minister John Howard is desperately denying
that he has committed Australian troops to a unilateral US
attack on Iraq while US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul
Wolfowitz tells the world media that planning between
Australian and American troops was already smoothly

The words of Prime Minister John Howard showed that
Australia would stand by the US in its efforts to rid Iraq
of its weapons of mass destruction, he said.

"I think the very strong statements the prime minister made
today make it very clear where Australia stands," he told
ABC television.

"I think Australia's solidarity with us is an important
piece of trying to achieve a peaceful resolution here, and
if it comes to the use of force to make it as humane and
effective as possible."

The federal Labor opposition leader Simon Crean is looking
nervous as he tries to score points against Howard while
everyone can see that in a matter of days he will probably
be supporting the war (with token endorsement from a
blackmailed UN Security Council).

Peter Boyle


Thursday, 30 January 2003

Brown Welcomes Hanna

Greens Senator Bob Brown says South Australian state MP Kris
Hanna has shown great political courage in leaving the Labor

"However it is the right decision," Senator Brown said.

"Mr Hanna is a rare politician prepared to endure turmoil to
foster his convictions on social justice, in particular the
need for action against the appalling treatment of refugees
in Australia's infamous internment centres.

"I've had good discussions with Kris. He is a man of strong
principle and knows he will cop flak for it but, while still
young, wants the freedom to express views different to those
of the ALP hierarchy. He's very welcome to the growing

"The Greens state conference will discuss his application to
join on Saturday but the feedback I have had is very
positive. This is an exciting day for the Greens too,"
Senator Brown said.

Further information: Ben Oquist 02 6277 3170 or 0419 704095

Ben Oquist Adviser to Greens Senator Bob Brown 02 62773170
ph 02 62773185 fx

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