Black Commentator on "The Mother of All War Shows"

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>>Black Commentator Issue Number 27 - January 30, 2003
>>The Mother Of All War Shows
>>When it comes, the U.S. assault on Iraq will explode as global spectacle,
>>an awesome pyrotechnic display of rolling thunder and lightening death
>>intended to shock and cow the entire planet. The effect, the planners
>>fervently believe, will be comparable to that which occurred when cannon
>>clashed with spears and arrows on the ever-expanding frontiers of
>>European empire: incomprehensible devastation, soul-consuming terror,
>>complete political disintegration, followed by abject submission. In the
>>grand imperial scenario, the satraps and sultans of the Earth, heads
>>bowed at angles of unmistakable subservience, will gather up their robes
>>and beseech the Americans for life on any terms.
>>Iraq's oil is important, but not the real prize of war. If a sustained
>>flow of Iraqi oil were so vital to the U.S. and global economy, the
>>production infrastructure would not be put at such risk of immediate
>>immolation. Iraq's oil facilities can burn as easily as did Kuwait's, in
>>the last days of the previous Gulf War. Capitalism went on to boom and
>>bubble in the Nineties.
>>Dick Cheney's Halliburton corporation and the rest of the pirate pack are
>>ready and eager to do a multi-billion dollar, postwar makeover of Iraq's
>>oil facilities, at U.S. taxpayer expense. Invoices will be submitted to
>>American Occupation authorities - part of the "cost" of war that the
>>White House refuses to "speculate" about.
>>Oil is overrated as the root cause of the impending conflagration. Saddam
>>Hussein has always been eager to pump much more of it, at no higher price
>>than the next guy, while the U.S. has strangled Iraqi production by every
>>means at its disposal for over a decade.
>>The prize is nothing less than world domination: all the riches above and
>>below the earth and seas.

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