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This development could really gather momentum in this
political climate...

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30 January 2003

MP's resignation impacts on NSW Labor

Greens MPs Ian Cohen and Lee Rhiannon said today that the
resignation of SA Labor MP Kris Hanna to join the Greens
will impact adversely on NSW Labor.

Mr Cohen said, "The Greens set its priorities based on
community needs and Mr Hanna has recognised this.

"Many staunch Labor supporters voted Green during Howard's
Khaki election in 2001 and we are finding they are now
coming to join the party and help campaign in the State
election in 2003.

"We will keep going in the right direction and if MPs of
other parties decide that they want to join us we will sit
down and talk seriously with them," said Mr Cohen.

Ms Rhiannon said, "This will remind people of why Cunningham
fell from Labor to the Greens at the recent by-election.

"It is disappointing that the Labor machine will not
accommodate MPs and regular members who have solid
principles on the difficult issues.

"The electorate is calling out for politicians and political
parties to make their position clear and stick to their
principles," said Ms Rhiannon.

More information : Ian Cohen (via Paul Sheridan) 0410 5166
56 Lee Rhiannon (via Dan Cass) 0408 468 488

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