killing fundamentalists

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Wed Jan 29 23:58:58 MST 2003

I earlier wrote about Tahir W:

>>Tahir Wood:

(an autonomist Marxist with a fixation on canine
feces and killing Islamic fundamentalists)<<

TW comes back with:

>>Couldn't resist a visit when I saw this in the
archives. Actually I
haven't been on Henwood's reviled list for some
months; but then I
haven't been here for years. Quite a creepy
feeling actually.<<

LP offers some explanation:

>>For comrade's information, Tahir Wood is an
administrator of some sort at a college in South
Africa. He unsubbed from Marxmail at least a
couple of years ago for obvious ideological
differences. He is of course welcome to
participate here. I would love to clarify some
issues related to post-Marxism of the sort he
defends. He has always been willing to openly
defend his ideas, as opposed to somebody like
Doug Henwood whose face is used as an
illustration for the word "evasion" in the latest
Websters Collegiate Dictionary. We, of course,
are not interested in personal attacks *within*
the Marxism list, although--as always--people are
not under any obligation to refrain from
attacking personages not on the list (within
reason, of course.) I have been frequently
attacked on Henwood's list or on the aut-op-sys
(autonomist) list, but being rather thick-skinned
never felt the need to go there to defend

Let me contextualize a bit more. In the case of
Tahir Wood, nothing I reported could even be said
to be 'parody', whereas most of the other ones
were clearly that.

If I remember, I was trying to have a serious
discussion about just how many had died in the
bombardment of Afghanistan on Duff's LBO-T list
(the figure I arrived at--anywhere from 10,000 to
30,000, based on the report that 3000-5000
civilians alone had died-- upset the usual

To be quite honest, I never noticed Tahir Wood on
that list at all until he posted (quote from
memory) (referring to me): 'Who is this piece of
dog shit'?

So when he wasn't talking about a book he didn't
understand (Empire), or calling for absolute
justice and lots of Talib blood, he was calling
people dog shit.

Kind of a creepy feeling, wouldn't you say?
Knowing this guy is out there doing an internet
search probably daily of his name hoping someone
knows who he is. I just know him as LBO-T's
autonomist dog shit man (his words, not mine).

Charles Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan

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