killing fundamentalists

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Jan 30 01:25:07 MST 2003

>Tahir Woods
>Couldn't resist a visit when I saw this in the archives... but then I
>haven't been here for years. Quite a creepy feeling actually.
Why do I find this offensive I wonder?  I don't know Tahir and all this is
in cyber space - so why care?  But I was angered.  Maybe it is because I do
know this list and it is the least creepy place I have ever been.  Of
course there are moments of offense, but basically we are people who are
concerned about the state of humanity.  If that sounds pretentious, it
isn't.  Besides the problem with today's world is that peoples' desires
have been beaten down.  By contrast the folk on this list have not given up
and they deserve better than to be called creeps.



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