Don't attack Iraq! -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #523 January 29, 2003

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #523
                             January 29, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Worldwide protests demand: Don't Attack Iraq!

Opposition is mounting to the US government's plans to attack Iraq and
the Australian government's craven support. On January 18, hundreds of
thousands around the world demonstrated their opposition to the Bush
gang's war. Green Left Weekly' correspondents report on the growth of
the anti-war movement around the world.



 * World-wide protests demand: `Don't attack Iraq!'


 * UNITED STATES: Why hundreds of thousands marched
 * CANADA: Anti-war mobilisations gain momentum
 * BRITAIN: Anti-war movement organises
 * UNITED STATES: Students to strike against war
 * UNITED STATES: Washington's military tentacles encircle the globe
 * ANTARCTICA: Human peace sign
 * AUSTRALIA: The power of our 'alliance of the unwilling'
 * Books not bombs: Students strike to stop the war against Iraq
 * Drought, bushfires and global warming: Howard fiddles while Australia


 * ARGENTINA: Solidarity deepens among the oppressed
 * ECUADOR: New president promises `deep and permanent' reforms
 * BRAZIL: World Social Forum kicks off
 * CHINA: Wang Fanxi's revolutionary life
 * INDONESIA: Left-wing opposition coalition formed
 * HONG KONG: Unions protest `anti-subversion' law
 * VENEZUELA: Chavez: 'There is no turning back'
 * MALAYSIA: Police raid progressive web site
 * UNITED STATES: Amnesty attacks US abuses in Guantanamo
 * CYPRUS: Myth of `Turkish Cyprus' collapses


 * Timorese asylum seeker calls for Australian solidarity
 * Mistreatment of asylum seekers continues
 * Pharmaceutical benefits threatened by 'free trade' agreement
 * Resources for firefighting, not for war!
 * Canberra firestorm could have been prevented


 * Protesters condemn sea swap
 * Women against war and racism
 * Women highlight pro-war bias in mainstream media
 * ETU members `bust through the pack'
 * Unions rally again in support of Kingham
 * Grocon backs down
 * Narangba protest camp fights eviction threat
 * Protest at air show planned
 * Discussion list for Green Left Weekly readers
 * Troop departure sparks protests
 * Melbourne mobilises against war
 * Miners ready to strike
 * Mitchell Centre workers strike for safety
 * Centrelink workers still waiting on payrise


 * Eric Hobsbawm: a revolutionary pulse still beats
 * Quiet American: Noyce exposes the CIA's dirty deeds
 * Two Towers: One ring to rule them all?
 * Not in Our Name: Powerful anti-war documentary


 * A woman's place is in the struggle
 * Loose Cannons
 * On the box
 * Editorial: Corporate crooks the norm, not the exception
 * Write on: Letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


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