Nepal cease-fire

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Compiled from various Nepalese websites:

CPN-(M) and the Nepalese government have announced a cease-fire yesterday
(29th). According to the Nepalese press it came after a five our talk
between CPN-(M) leaders Prachanda and Bhattarai and the king in the royal
palace. A minister has flown Prachanda and Bhattarai from the mountaims to
the talks by helicopter.
A statement issued by Prachanda on Wednesday evening said, "Upon receiving
information from the government that it was ready to scrap the price tag on
the leaders and withdraw the labels of terrorist, it has decided to declare
an immediate cease-fire."
The statement further state "We have taken the government's response
positively and declare cease-fire and participate in the talks."
The statement also called on Maoist supporters, armed rebels and other
political forces to implement the decision. The Maoists however, have
maintained their demands and have clearly stated that their minimum working
policies would continue.
"The party also urges to forge ahead party's all working policies and
maintains its demands for a round table conference, interim government and
constituent assembly and give continuity to organizational and peaceful
activities of the people's mobilization," the statement said.
Madhav Kumar Nepal, general secretary of the Communist Party of
Nepal-Unified Marxist & Leninist (CPN-UML), dropped hints that UML could go
for constituent assembly, if all political parties agree that the current
constitution is non-functional.
Nepal told Kantipur Online that UML could take the constituent assembly as
an alternative to resolve the current crisis dogging the nation.
"Although the political and organisational agenda for the party national
congress is referendum, we do not rule out the possibility of constituent
assembly if it gives a better way out of the current crisis," Nepal said.
Nepal's remarks have come in the wake of the proposal of constituent
assembly being put forward by UML Central Committee members Rajendra
Shrestha and Shankar Pokharel, who have been urging the party leadership to
take up the proposal of constituent assembly in the party congress in



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