A US diplomatic Rambo for Ambassador in Buenos Aires

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Thu Jan 30 12:53:55 MST 2003

In a hasty frenzy of four days, the Argentinean Foreign Relations 
Ministery managed by Carlos Ruckauf (one of the most reactionary and 
sepoy members of the Duhalde cabinet), has officially agreed to 
receive Mr. Lino Gutiérrez as the new American Ambassador in Buenos 

>From the point of view of international relations, this is an act of 
war against Argentina, and from the point of view of Argentinean 
politics, it is a menace against any future President who wants to 
reasume Argentinean dignity and sovereignty.

Mr. Gutiérrez is a member of the Miami maffia that allowed Dubbya to 
get to the White House, with dubious votes collected by his brother 
Jeb. Thus, he belongs to the marrow of the right wing gang in the 
Republican party.

Born in Havanna in 1952, he is a "Cuban-American", that is a 
hydrophobic enemy of every national and popular movement in Latin 
America.  In such a character, during his mission in Grenada, 1983, 
he took an important part in organizing the invasion of that country. 
He also dedicated his efforts to "helping" Nicaragua after the 1993 
earthqwake, says his CV. But I am sure that he was much more 
efficient in Grenada than in Nicaragua.

Any self-respecting Latin American government should reject such an 
Ambassador. But Duhalde has finally caved in, he has signed a 
repugnant "agreement" with the IMF, and his Foreign Relations 
Minister is a full sized reactionary. So that they have begun to 
place antipersonal mines on the road of their future replacements.

This Ambassador is an aggression of the United States to Argentina, 
and a recognition by the Argentinean authorities that they have lost 
any sense of patriotism and decency.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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"Sí, una sola debe ser la patria de los sudamericanos".
Simón Bolívar al gobierno secesionista y disgregador de 
Buenos Aires, 1822
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