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At 30/01/2003 23:12, Lou wrote:

>The idea that an invasion of Afghanistan was meant to be a beach-head for
>penetration of ex-Soviet oil fields has been heard here before from Jared
>Israel. Michel Chussodovsky also believes this. I question the need to
>break down an open door myself. The collapse of the USSR was accompanied
>by an a race to open up the former republics to western oil interests.
>There has been no resistance to such penetration from Yeltsin, Putin or
>any of the minor satraps in places like Kazakhstan. It is also
>questionable to assume that the WTC/Pentagon attacks were some kind of
>provocation set up by the CIA in collaboration with bin-Laden or anybody
>else like that. The USA will certainly use terrorist acts to further its
>geopolitical interests, as any ruling class will do. But to search for
>conspiracies is besides the point. 9/11 was consistent with attacks that
>have been increasing since the collapse of the USSR and the growing
>divergence of interests between US imperialism and its former allies like

I'd add to this that there is no point whatever in re-ploughing the
well-ploughed field of what's wrong with Brenner, Anderson, Gowan, Mieksins
Wood and a whole bunch of like-minbded, wrongheaded people who think that
capitalism began in the English countryside, that imperialism is just a
policy not a mode of production, and who agree with Bush that it's 'not
about oil' when it is self-evidently only about oil, as hundreds of
millions of ordinary people now understand. In fact, to judge from the
polls, the person in the street understand the issue much better than some
who are allegedly part of the left. The masses, on the issue of Iraq, are
to the left of our left.

We have discussed Brenner and discussed with Brenner, here and elsewhere,
ad nauseam, his fundamental error and I for one don't propose to discuss
Brenner again unless the organ grinder himself appears on the scene, which
is not likely.


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