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Is that the same Jared Israel who head the PLP faction in SDS?  He actually
stayed at my house in Ann Arbor during the SDS convention there in 1968.
Anecdotes to one side. Yes and No to your response.  I don't think you can
overvalue the advantage of bases of supply close to your areas of interest.
You know what they say:  "Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk
logistics."  Sherman in his diaries said, "Fighting the battle is the least
strenuous part."  It was the provisioning that drove him to maximum

And YES, no opposition from Putin/Yeltsin.  However, there is considerable
resistance and anger to this acquiescence being expressed by officers of the
former Soviet Army.  How powerful it is, I don't know.  Nevertheless, the
bases are a tremendous advantage for US military power, which since the
Civil War, has seen logistical supremacy as the fulcrum for success in
battle.  An aside remark,  who else could have built in what a year?  18
months? Cam Ranh Bay except the US?   Who else would have contracted it out,
except the US military?

And YES I agree that conspiracy theories are not necessary and generally
make me feel uncomfortable.  But this (911) is just too perfect.  I think it
was allowed to happen without anyone realizing the full scope of what was
involved.    Prior to 911, the CIA was reportedly "frantic" that a
hijack/attack would occur at the G-8 (I think ) meeting in Genoa, Italy.
Italian air defenses were increased in that area for that time.  So what
happened here?

Again, a conspiracy is not essential but the Bush resistance to inquiry, the
Congress' fear and trembling, and finally the selection of KIssinger (you
can't make this up!) and then Tom Keane should give everyone pause.

Anyway, the real issue is overproduction.  And I agree that the price being
paid, is the price we are all paying for the collapse of the USSR.


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