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Thu Jan 30 16:37:48 MST 2003

MJ wrote:
> I'd add to this that there is no point whatever in re-ploughing the
> well-ploughed field of what's wrong with Brenner, Anderson, Gowan,
> Wood and a whole bunch of like-minbded, wrongheaded people who think that
> capitalism began in the English countryside, that imperialism is just a
> policy not a mode of production, and who agree with Bush that it's 'not
> about oil' when it is self-evidently only about oil, as hundreds of
> millions of ordinary people now understand. In fact, to judge from the
> polls, the person in the street understand the issue much better than some
> who are allegedly part of the left. The masses, on the issue of Iraq, are
> to the left of our left.
> We have discussed Brenner and discussed with Brenner, here and elsewhere,
> ad nauseam, his fundamental error and I for one don't propose to discuss
> Brenner again unless the organ grinder himself appears on the scene, which
> is not likely.
> Mark


That's not very sporting of you.  I don't know what I'm talking about.
Brenner, regardless of his musical interests (organ grinder?  are you
suggesting that I'm a money?  I didn't produce the article.  I never even
read anything by him until today..  Not that I don't like monkeys, and apes.
We do share what? 99% of our DNA with chimps. That's not enough to sleep
with one, but believe me I've been called worse by better.) has a
fundamental flaw not worth discussing.  And what else?  What passes the MJ
criteria for analytic response as opposed to posturing, posing, puffery, and
the classic line  "The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken.

I don't think capitalism began in the English countryside.  I think it began
in certain "world-historic" actions-- namely the creation of slavery as a
trade in order to produce for the world market.  I don't think imperialism
is a policy.  I think it's the manifestation, the expansion, the current and
future momente of the organization of capital which is a self-reflected
contradiction of capital and wage-labor.

Take his analysis apart, show his flaws, tell me where you disagree.  I am
happy the analysis was provided and I disagree with a lot of it .   But it's
not enough to say I handled this years ago.  Reconquer the ground again,
everyday if need be.   Pick up the gauntlet. That's the sign of a warrior.

I have now exceed my self imposed quota of 2 postings a day.  I will try to
contain myself.

Thank you for your indulgence.

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