NZ Poll on war

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Jan 30 21:49:42 MST 2003

Here's the summary of the latest NZ opinion poll on attacking Iraq:

Should the US attack Iraq?
With UN Approval - 58.3%
Without UN Approval - 6.4%
Not at all - 32.3%
Don't know - 3.2%

The report in the NZ Herald today (Jan 31) indicated that Labour voters
are slightly more in favour of war than National Party (Tory)
supporters.  The paper reports:

"When asked if the US should attack Iraq with UN approval, 62 per cent of
Labour supporters and 57.6 per cent of National supporters agreed.

"Attacking without UN approval had the backing of just 5.4 per cent of
Labour supporters and 6.4 per cent of National supporters.

"And 30.4 per cent of Labour and 33.1 per cent of National supporters
believed the US should not attack Iraq at all.

"There was greater difference between the views of Aucklanders and the
rest of New Zealand.

"Aucklanders appear to be a little more hawkish: 27.8 per cent believed
there should be no attack at all, compared with 35 per cent for the rest
of the country.

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