German TUC supports European action day against the war

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Fri Jan 31 09:07:14 MST 2003

The Executive Board of the German Trade Unions Confederation (DGB - ) calls all trade unionist in Europe to take part in the
"European-wide action day against the war" on 15 February 2003 and in other
peaceful demonstrations against a military solution of the Iraq conflict.
The call is accompanied by the following statement:

***** Statement by
the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB)
Executive Board on the IRAQI conflict
Berlin, January 13 th 2003

War is no solution!

It is with great concern that the DGB observes the deployment of US troops
in the Gulf region. Although the United Nations arms controls have so far
come up with no evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime continues to harbour
weapons of mass destruction, an attack on Iraq seems imminent. The
international community of nations has repeatedly condemned the dictatorial
regime of Saddam Hussein and called on Iraq to respect fundamental human
rights. Saddam Hussein is responsible for the plight of the Iraqi
population and the brutal persecution of minorities and political opponents.

We support all peaceful means of fostering humanitarian improvement of the
situation in Iraq and of contributing to lessening the threat in the
crisis-ridden region. The DGB is firmly opposed, in this situation, to any
attempt to achieve these goals by the use of military force.

- The international attempt to overcome terrorism and the potential for
mass destruction, in particular in the hands of dictators, is a matter for
the community of nations and not for a single country, even if that country
is currently the only superpower. If the possibility of a last-resort use
of force must be allowed for, this has to be subject to a United Nations'
decision, b	ased on its global monopoly on the use of force, and the rules
of international law.

- The DGB still believes the international alliance against terrorism to be
essential. However, it sees the chances of success as lying above all in
combating the evil at source. As long as poverty and misery, political
oppression and social exclusion are part of people's everyday experience in
many parts of the world, the scourge of terrorism will not be eradicated.
It is new economic, social and development policy initiatives that are
needed, not recourse to military force.

- The DGB warns against the incalculable political and economic risks
entailed by military intervention in Iraq and which could lead to
destabilisation of the Middle East as a whole. Even worse is the fact that
the main tribulations resulting from a military conflict would be inflicted
upon the already sorely tried Iraqi civilian population.

- The DGB supports the German government in its stance of non-involvement
in another Iraqi war and calls upon it to broadcast this stance
increasingly loudly and clearly in the coming weeks. All peaceful options
to avoid conflict must be brought into play. It is the responsibility of
the German federal government to enlist support for a peaceful solution in
the UN Security Council.  *****


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