Secret meeting at Harvard to scrap Geneva convention

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Fri Jan 31 09:29:07 MST 2003

> So what have you found in your research that has made you conclude this is a
> "secret meeting to scrap" the Geneva Conventions? After looking at the links
> you gave, that seems wildly overstated.

Yes, all the Harvard pages are written in academic language which make it
impossible to understand what is really being discussed.  Now, did you read
the Boston Globe column by the General Counsel of Human Rights Watch,
referenced in my -earlier- post, which laid out what she said are the real
issues?  SHE seemed to be pretty worried.  And she probably knows a lot more
about the actual substance of the conference than either of us.

> Is there any more evidence that the meeting
> is part of a US effort to vitiate the Geneva conventions than that it was
> initiated as a response to growing US dismissal of its IHL obligations?

Can't these be two sides of the same coin?  After all, Colin Powell says that
the way for U.N. to avoid "irrelevance" is to close its eyes while the U.S.
wages aggressive war in violation of the U.N. Charter.  The message is: "If
you want to 'engage with' the United States, you have to cast aside all your
objections to whatever the US does."  Now if you transpose all that into the
field of international law, you get the idea that "if you want to respond to
growing US dismissal of its IHL obligations, you have to vitiate these
obligations so that the US will not feel the need to dismiss them.".


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