Slander court now open

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Fri Jan 31 23:06:46 MST 2003

Subject: Tahir Wood's pattern of deceit and
disruptiveness, stems from and responds to
trollish non-thread, 'Instant flame wars!'.


>>This is slander pal and you know it. Quote
verbatim or shut up.
Don't take out your frustration about being
unsubbed from lbo on
me. I did tell you on one occasion that you were
talking dogshit because you were. But that is no
excuse for the above fabrications. If you want to
start a flame war go ahead, but everyone can see
you're doing it.<<

I don't want to start a flame war. I want to put
an end to people like you who never discuss in
good faith and quite frankly waste a lot of time
for people who do.

Quoting verbatim, here is what your wrote on LBO

>>Who is this dumb piece of dogshit? <<

So, one you are liar.

Two, you are a hateful liar with a big mouth. For
example, here is what you wrote on LBO Talk to
commemorate the anniversary of the US's
bombardment of Afghanistan:

>>It is right from a communist perspective to
wish the worst possible fate on the Taliban and
lunatic religious movements of all kinds<<

Speak for yourself, you autonomist warmongerer.
I'm sure you cried crocodile tears for all the
boys forced to wear a black turbans for the
Taliban who died under US bombardment. And I'm
sure you cried even more for all the Taliban
families slaughtered in the bombardment.

So, to me you are still the autonomist dogshit
man(yourspellingnotmine) of LBO Talk.

C. Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan

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