Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics says satisfaction of workers at work is increasing

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Tue Jul 1 06:44:16 MDT 2003

Utrecht, 1 July 1993

After a continuously declining workload, workers are increasingly more
satisfied about development, promotion and remuneration opportunities. This
is shown by a survey of the Central Bureau of Statistics among employed
people about their judgement of working conditions.

In the level of satisfaction about the career opportunities for employees an
increase is visible of five percent. For the employed people, 78 percent
considers that they have adequate opportunities to develop themselves in
their field of work. Three years ago, this was only 73 percent.

Of the professional population, 29 percent indicates having to work under
high pressure regularly. This amounts to more than two million employees. In
1999, this percentage was 33 percent. The highest work pressure is for the
sixth year in a row to be found in the restaurants, catering and hotels

The satisfaction with remuneration is also showing a rising level. In 1999,
some 67 percent indicated that they were satisfied with the remuneration
they received for work. In 2002, this percentage had increased to 71

In the satisfaction about promotion chances the CBS reported the same trend.
In 2002, 39 percent of the employed population experienced its promotion
chances as good, as against 34 percent in 1999.

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