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Tue Jul 1 07:07:41 MDT 2003

U.S. Vehicles Attacked; Explosion Kills 5 in Fallujah
Courtyard Building in Mosque Destroyed, Witnesses Say

By Jim Krane
The Associated Press
Tuesday, July 1, 2003; 7:25 AM

FALLUJAH, Iraq -- Rocket-propelled grenades slammed into U.S. military
vehicles in two attacks in and around Baghdad on Tuesday, and a massive
explosion at a mosque in the town of Fallujah killed at least five
Iraqis and injured four others.

Iraqi civilians said the explosion late Monday in Fallujah was caused by
a missile or bomb strike, but American soldiers at the scene disputed
that account, saying it was likely caused when explosives hidden at the
site went off.

On Tuesday, assailants traveling in a vehicle in the Mustansiryah
neighborhood of central Baghdad fired a rocket propelled-grenade at a
U.S. military vehicle, destroying it and likely causing casualties,
Iraqi witnesses said.

One witness, 19-year-old Ali Ibrahim Shakir, said he saw two U.S.
soldiers being evacuated onto stretchers. He said he could not tell if
the soldiers had been hurt or killed.

A Mercedes traveling alongside the U.S. vehicle was also hit, wounding
the Iraqi civilian who was driving it, said witness Mohammed Abdullah.
After the attack, three U.S. helicopters hovered over the site. Military
spokesmen in Baghdad said they had no immediate information.

Also Tuesday, witnesses said another rocket-propelled grenade slammed
into a U.S. truck on a road 12 miles south of Baghdad. The witnesses
said that attack caused four casualties but there was no immediate
confirmation from the military



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