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Tue Jul 1 10:40:03 MDT 2003

You can listen to the NPR segment in which Howard Zinn defends his
signature of the letter originated by Joanne Landy's letter. It's a very
slickly-presented bit of PR work in support of the Landy letter, but you
should hear it for yourself. I must say it makes Louis Proyect's letter
all the more appropriate.

Zinn's performance is shameful. In the past he has criticized US
policies toward Cuba, but has never been a supporter of Cuba, at least
as far as I can recall.

Cora Weiss says "something went badly wrong and had to be denounced" in

Host Margot Adler says that some are now saying that the left's romance
with Cuba is now over.

Howard Zinn staunchly defends his signature and, outrageously says Cuba
is acting WORSE than the United States with its use of death penalties
and is MORE in favor of capital punishment than is the American government.

Sandra Levinson's description of the island's reactions to criticism by
people on the left who have supported Cuba in the past is a good one.

The full segment is 5.5 minutes long. listen to it for yourself:


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