Milosovic and bending the stick

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Jul 1 13:48:57 MDT 2003

I'm sorry, I am not aware that I occupied any middle ground just now. I
don't see how our positions are necessarily different, incompatible or
irreconcilable, except that you use Leninist vituperation and I don't. If
you can provide an analysis of the type that Chussodovsky, Chandler or
Samary have given as regards the lying, spying methods of the imperialists
in Yugoslavia, fine, otherwise get off my case.

However, before doing that analysis, let's get crystal clear about what gave
rise to the foreign debt of Yugoslavia, and what gave rise to the emigration
of a lot of Yugoslavs out of Yugoslavia, plus the displacement of a lot of
other people, so that we can form a better concept of the problems of
socialist transition in Yugoslavia. I.e. why did they leave, and why did
they need more and more money from overseas ?

I have a different methodology; if Milosovic can indeed return to
Yugoslavia, and that this trial is stopped, then that is the main thing, the
Yugoslavs will sort it out from there. And since people here object that I
do not know sufficiently about it, that is all I am prepared so say.

I protested against the war against Yugoslavia together with Trotskyists, IS
people and SP people, with the slogan STOP THE WAR, disregarding any latest
analytical flavour of the month. I think that was correct, and I stand by
that position.

You on the other hand want to split the socialist movement, wreck it, divert
it with hate mail to other socialists, distract it from its tasks. You want
to introduce differences which do not really matter, and that is the kind of
thing which has led to the decline of the socialist movement.

I am not trying to be the most erudite, most intelligent, politically
correct, flexible, sexy, 100 percent certified worker-bolshevik
internationalist left-wing soulful Leninist in the world. In these things,
you have to have some estimate of what you can and cannot do, with what
you've got, in the situation you are in.

I quite like to have the middle ground almost every day, and if you keep on
talking about the middle ground, I am going to have to go back into Lenin's
Collected Works and find a quote in his writings about tactically sticking
to the middle ground. And that is a warning.


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