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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Jul 1 13:59:16 MDT 2003

Howard Zinn wrote:
> I don't decide on signing petitions based on who initiated them. If I agree
> with the statement, I will sign it. Yes, Cuba is in danger, and that danger
> increases when Cuba takes on -- yes, the American punitive approach. I
> believe it is healthy, and useful to criticize governments we admire for
> many reasons if we think it is engaging in self-destructive, capitalistic,
> behavior.

Thank you for replying, Professor Zinn, although I am somewhat
disconcerted to find you evading the point I was making about US funding
for the 75 individuals you are sticking your neck out for. A colleague
of mine ran into the same frustration in email exchanges with Professor
Chomsky, who was happy to talk about everything but that.

Would you have signed a petition defending La Prensa in Nicaragua
against government censorship? Probably not, since leftist public
opinion favored the FSLN at the time. By the same token, Professor
Chomsky signed petitions on behalf of Yugoslav dissidents who were
getting the same kind of funding and marching orders from the USA. Of
course, since Yugoslavia had been pilloried so often and with such
vehemance in polite outlets like the NY Review of Books and NPR that a
different yardstick came into play.

My general point is that American intellectuals have to take a strong
stand against the NED, the whole constellation of George Soros NGO's,
and all the other governmental and non-governmental bodies that
interfere in the political life of other nations whether or not they are
the flavor-of-the-month at Mother Jones or the Utne Reader.


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