Bureaucratic collectivism and the British AWL

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Jul 1 17:35:04 MDT 2003

Tom wrote:
> I think this background also helps us understand why Workers' Liberty have
> recently campaigned both against war *and* against Muslim fundamentalism -
> equally. Once again it is abstracted from the key responsibility to
> challenge our own rulers before anything else.

I agree with this explanation.  However, I think AWL have gone further.
    I'm politically opposed to the British SWP on a number of things,
but I think Matgamna/AWL vitriol that the British SWP (and anyone else
who places emphasis on supporting the Palestinians against the Israeli
state) are 'anti-Semitic' is despicable.

And, unfortunately, this is not some side aspect of British AWL politics
- they are full of it.  The whole left which identifies with the
Palestinian struggle against the Israeli state is, according to the
British AWL, 'anti-semitic'.  IN general in the Middle East, the British
AWL seems to be more driven by Muslimophobia than anti-imperialism
(which links with the Stalinophobia).

I hope that the Australian AWL doesn't share this approach.


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