Review-Image And Reality Of The Israel- Palestine Conflict

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Tue Jul 1 18:05:21 MDT 2003

John O'Neill wrote:

Norman Finkelstein is the nearest you can get to a Jewish heretic. He is a
Jew but an anti-Zionist; the son of Holocaust survivors but a ceaseless
critic of what he terms "the Holocaust industry"; a left-wing historian
whose views are often praised by revisionist right-wingers such as David

Response Jim C: Add to that rather short list Lenni Brenner whose "Zionism
in the Age of the Dictators" (whole book available on the net)  and "The Iron Wall" represent some first-rate and
daring scholarship. Plus Lenni has a book on 51 documents of Zionist/Nazi
collaboration available from him directly.

I have corresponded with both of these men and find them both very aware and
courageous in their stands and through their scholarship.

Jim C

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