Rail union v. labor

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 1 21:26:39 MDT 2003

THIS seems really significant - comment  from British comrades?


Tony Blair and his cabinet were branded "war criminals" yesterday as an
organisation that gave birth to the Labour party faced expulsion in an
historic split with the government.

The RMT rail union voted to support the far left Scottish Socialists, Plaid
Cymru, Greens, Ken Livingstone in London and even suspended Labour MP George
Galloway in direct defiance of the Labour leadership. It also halved its
annual affiliation fees from £25,000 to £12,500. A year ago it paid more
than £100,000.

Bob Crow, hard left general secretary of the RMT, predicted the union would
disaffiliate from Labour after he accused the prime minister of "putting the
boot" into workers in Britain and abroad, including the invasion of Iraq.

"I think if the Labour party continues the way it is going I cannot honestly
see that come five years time, we will still be in it at all," said Mr Crow.


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