Trophy professors

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Wed Jul 2 00:19:55 MDT 2003

It's actually quite appalling how 'trophy professors' like Niall
Ferguson (no relation) can waltz into lectures and say they have nothing
prepared because they have been busy with book launches and other stuff.

When I did my honours papers back in 1994, I had a certain lecturer in
one course (he took the whole course) who writes restaurant reviews,
articles about angling for an angling publication, and articles in the
'National Business Review' and such.

The honours paper involved one 2-hour session a week for the year, and
we had to do a major research project.

This lecturer only turned up to about one-third of the sessions.
Another third he would turn up and have nothing to speak about, but just
say, "I had some interesting material to present today but I couldn't
get it together because I had to meet the deadline with an NBR article."

This was a tenured, senior academic, working (supposedly) a full-time
job at the university (and certainly being paid for being a full-time academic).

And this was an honours level course!

Two years later a friend of mine did the same course and the experience
was the same.

Philip Ferguson

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