Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Jul 2 04:12:21 MDT 2003

the recent articles on Hobsbawm that have been posted to the list have been
very good.  But there is room for some comment from the Left.  Hobsbawm has
morphed into a true moderate.  I have already commented on his use of the
term "crazies" to describe the Bush Regime.  The problem with using a
psychological category to characterise a political formation is that it
disguises the class forces in play.  Something every Marxist, never mind
one as eminent as Hobsbawm, should know.

the most recent post that Lou put up shares similar characteristics.  I
almost chucked up over the description of Nixon as an able President.  But
more seriously the drama around the sacking of Wallace and the choice of
Truman as VP was totally misconstrued by Hobsbawm.  It was clear in 1944
that FDR was dying and so the choice of VP was crucial.  The move against
the left leaning Wallace was no accident.  Plans for the Cold War were
already in train.

One would have thought that Hobsbawm would have spotted that.  But in his
eagerness to equate Truman, Johnson and Ford he overlooked the politics of
the non-selection of Wallace.



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