marxism-digest V1 #6030

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Wed Jul 2 06:45:20 MDT 2003

Hey John:

get a grip. i saw you had some interest in symbolic logic, which
matched an interest of my own, and found one somewhat detailed article
on Trotsy and logic.

sure the article has flaws, it seems pretty intent on beating on
Trotsky's presumed intellectual arrogance. but it does roughly discuss
that a number of Soviet mathematicians tried to get some handle on
Godel's results vis a vis dialetcical logic.

and thats of interest to me.

> Les: If you can't answer a serious query, what is the need to post
> such ignorant Stalinist garbage?  Your posting of such an unserious
> BS is tantamount to an unnecessary flame.

brother, if you want to fight, lets fight ... but it'll be a joke of a
fight, since i was serious about being interested in the issue you
tangentially raised. which makes me think you like fighting more than
marxism. and i have a special place for people like that.


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