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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Jul 2 06:50:09 MDT 2003

Les Schaffer wrote:
> Hey John:
> get a grip. i saw you had some interest in symbolic logic, which
> matched an interest of my own, and found one somewhat detailed article
> on Trotsy and logic.
> sure the article has flaws, it seems pretty intent on beating on
> Trotsky's presumed intellectual arrogance. but it does roughly discuss
> that a number of Soviet mathematicians tried to get some handle on
> Godel's results vis a vis dialetcical logic.
> and thats of interest to me.

I just took a quick look at the article myself. Since I completed 57
credits toward a PhD in philosophy in a former lifetime just before
wasting 11 years of my youth in the Trotskyist movement, an article like
this has more than routine interest.

Unless I am missing some reference to Trotsky underestimating the
peasantry or something, the article seems utterly devoid of Stalinist
boilerplate and is remarkable for its affinity for James Burnham rather
than Vishinsky.

I suggest that John Paramo drink a cold glass of water and reread
it--or, more likely, read it for the first time.


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