James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Wed Jul 2 06:56:13 MDT 2003

Talking about chucking up, Gary, I once saw Hobsbawm interviewed about
Marxism in a lengthy TV series which included Krishnamurthy
interviewed about Hinduism, and other greats about other religious
outlooks. The others all made an impact. What an opportunity!  He just
looked confused and bored. All I can remember of what he said is "Of
course, that was in his Feuerbachian period."

I can't remember at the moment where I read (on the net) that Engels
proposed to British trade unionists complaining about Irish
"nationalism" that they should move the capital of the United Kingdom
from London to Dublin to show their internationalism. Needless to say
he got no takers. Hobsbawm is in that great tradition. His book
*Bandits* never mentions Ireland, where a tradition of popular
resistance goes back hundreds of years. There were many Irish
equivalents to Captain Swing. (Another Lawrence and Wishart book,
*Neocolonialism*, typically also never mentions the Irish Free State,
the prototype and guinea pig of neocolonialism). It has been said that
it was his influence over Perry Anderson and friends which turned the
New Left Review into the most radical opposition to the Irish struggle
for 30 years.


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