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Daily News (New York), July 1, 2003

GRIM FAIRY TALE JFK Jr., wife locked in bitter war over drugs & affairs,
book says


John F. Kennedy Jr.'s marriage to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was crumbling
amid suspicions of affairs, drugs and depression when the couple died in
a plane crash, excerpts from a new book reveal.

The Camelot heir had moved out of the couple's loft and was living alone
in a hotel room before the crash off Martha's Vineyard on July 16, 1999,
Vanity Fair's Edward Klein writes in his new book, "The Kennedy Curse."

"We've become like total strangers," John told a pal two days before his
death. "I've had it with her. It's got to stop. Otherwise, we're headed
for divorce."

The feud culminated in a bizarre quarrel on the afternoon of the fateful
flight, when Carolyn caused a crucial delay by insisting on having a
time-consuming pedicure, Klein writes in the book, which is excerpted in
the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

The willowy blond had her toenails painted again and again to get the
precise shade of violet at a Manhattan salon as John, 38, fumed at a New
Jersey airstrip with her sister, Lauren, 34, waiting to take off.

"The more times you call me, the longer it's going to take," Carolyn,
33, snapped on her cell phone, a hair stylist told Klein.

With daylight fading fast, John wound up flying virtually blind into the
hazy dusk, which investigators blamed for the crash that killed all three.

'You're a cokehead!'

Arguing was nothing new for the troubled couple, who died two months
short of their third anniversary.

Klein says they began marriage counseling, but Carolyn stormed out of a
session after the therapist asked her about her alleged drug use.

John once returned to the couple's loft on N. Moore St. in Tribeca to
find Carolyn snorting cocaine with a crowd of gay fashionistas, a
witness told Klein.

"You're a cokehead," John screamed at his wife, according to the book,
which is due out this month.

John had his heart set on starting a family, and even picked out a name
for his future son: Flynn. But his wife rejected his pleas.

"I want to have kids, but whenever I raise the subject with Carolyn, she
turns away and refuses to have sex with me," he told the friend.

Things got so bad that Lauren had to talk her sister and John into
having lunch together two days before they died.

The warring couple sat in stony silence and only reluctantly agreed to
Lauren's request that they all hold hands as a sign of reconciliation,
Klein writes.

Lauren squeezed her sister's hand and urged her to overcome her fear of
flying with John - and travel with him to Hyannis Port, Mass., for the
wedding of his cousin Rory Kennedy. To clinch the date, Lauren offered
to come along as far as Martha's Vineyard.

"Come on," Lauren told her sister. "It'll be fun."

Talk of infidelity

Even before their last weeks, the couple's marriage was fraught with
enough issues to snap apart any relationship.

Carolyn, who Klein says showed signs of clinical depression, suspected
her husband was fooling around with other women. She, in turn,
occasionally told John that she was still sleeping with an ex-boyfriend,
"Baywatch" hunk Michael Bergin.

She also fought with John's beloved sister, Caroline Kennedy, who made
snide cracks about the fact that Carolyn showed up two hours late for
the couple's dream wedding on Cumberland Island, an unspoiled paradise
off the Georgia coast.

Caroline Kennedy declined comment yesterday.

John's penchant for flying and other risky hobbies also caused fights
with Carolyn and his mother, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

He insisted on learning to fly anyway and wrote a chilling graduation
note to his instructors at Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Fla.:
"People will only care where I got my training if I crash. Best, John


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