Query about symbolic logic, Gerland and New International

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jul 2 08:21:42 MDT 2003

Lou suggested:

> I suggest that John Paramo drink a cold glass of water and reread
> it--or, more likely, read it for the first time.

i think John owes __me__ a drink for the 15 minutes i spent on Google
searches last night trying to find a a serious answer to his

after all, my labor is worth something, non? how many here found the
time i spent on my first reply socially unneccessary? 

but if John is ready to kiss and make up, here is a web page i found
last nite that on a second look this morning lists the issues of the
New International journal from 1938 - 1939 and lists the titles of
articles containd within. several mention Burnham:


  August 1938: El desafío y la réplica, James Burham.

  January 1939: Intelectuales en retirada, James Burham y Max Shachtman.

the web page also lists some articles by a J. Gerland:

SWP: Fourth International:

  Vol. 1 N°2 Junio de 1940: "Ciencia", el estilo de Burnham, Jarvis


  Número 8-9 abril-mayo de 1940: J. Gerland, Ciencia estilo Burnham. 

les schaffer

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