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> The social democrats don't really have any heroic figures - I mean, who
> can excited about Bernstein or Kautsky? - so they have to try to pinch
> revolutionary figures, preferably ones who died valiantly but never led
> revolutions.  After all, dying valiantly is good and leading revolutions
> is bad.

They do the same, here in this country, with Eugene V. Debs, who
was jailed for his revolutionary socialist convictions and anti imperialist
stance but good enough never to have had occasion to lead a
revolution (heavens, someone might get blood - besides their martyred
own - on the carpet!).

But I wouldn't just limit myself to social-democrats.  Luxemburg
and Debs have also been hijacked as honorary 'friends' of
anarchists and syndicalists.

Ed C.

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