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> The Australian logician and philosopher Graham Priest
> has also attempted to address these issues through the
> development of what he calls paraconsistent logics - that is
> logics where the existence of a contradictions between two
> propositions does not imply the truth of ALL propositions
> (as is the case in classical logic).
> Priest sees such logics as
> providing a useful way for dealing with such paradoxes of logic
> and set theory like the Liar's Paradox or Russell's Paradox,
> as well as some of Zeno's Pardoxes (such as the Paradox
> of the Arrow).
> There are a couple of articles by him in the online
> Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
> He also, as I recall wrote a couple of articles on this
> subject for SCIENCE & SOCIETY as well.  He maintains
> that people like Hegel and Marx were what he calls
> dialetheists, and seems to think that much of dialectical
> logic can be understood in terms of dialetheism and
> paraconsistent logics.

At leasr one of Graham Priest's Science & Society
pieces was  "Was Marx a Dialetheist?"
Science & Society, Vol. 54, No. 2, Winter
1990-1991, pp. 468-475.

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