Query about symbolic logic, Gerland and New (to Les)

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 10:45:24 MDT 2003

> i think John owes __me__ a drink for the 15 minutes
> i spent on Google searches last night trying to find
a a serious answer to his query.

I apologize.

As a way of explanation for my reaction but not
justification: I'm familiar with the logic material
and the Soviet authors in the article and consider
most if not all intellectualoid garbage wrapping.  I
was in a bad mood and I thought was a sarcastic
posting.  The soviets did not produce anything worthy
on logic until the 1970s, or anything significantly
innovative in historical materialism until the 1960s.
Everything produced before that was strangled by the
limits of Stalinism.  Sorry.

You're up for a drink on me any time. I'm the only
proprietor of six bottles of PyratXO - 25 years old,
silver edition in continental America if you're
interested in good ron (rum). 

> but if John is ready to kiss and make up, here is a
> web page i found
> last nite that on a second look this morning lists
> the issues of the
> New International journal from 1938 - 1939 and lists
> the titles of
> articles containd within. several mention Burnham:

 I will check these out, maybe they will have
something on Garland who is the one I'm tracking.  I
think he went by the name Logan (not sure) in the SWP
and I believe he was really an European transplant.

I'm especifically looking for his article on symbolic
logic in the New International if you happen to run
into it. My interest is not as much the theory - with
which I'm familiar - but the completion of a thread
re: dialectics and anti-dialectics that, IMO, remained
an incomplete discussion and what explains - or may
explain - the final destination of Burham.

Thanks, and I apologize again for my outburst.


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