Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Wed Jul 2 11:23:07 MDT 2003

At the Democratic Party convention just before FDR's death, the
front-runner for the VP was the racist Dixiecrat and red-hunter Jimmy
Byrne.  Truman was suposed to be some sort of compromise between Byrne
and Wallace.  Truman had some appeal to the left progressives because of
his Senatorial investigations into war profiteering, but he had lucked
into a populist cause that gave him the boost over Byrne.  It's rare for
me to get snagged by "What IF?"  history, but what if FDR had died
earlier with Wallace as his VP?  Could the Cold War have been averted?
The thing that makes me have doubts is the fact that Strom Thurmond beat
Wallace in 1948, despite the four-way race.

Meanwhile, my evangelical neighbor just gave me a video about Moses
after assuring me that God wants the Jews, His Chosen People, to have
Palestine to themselves.  He told me to always remember that God gave
His only Son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our sins to Save as
for the everlasting torment of Hell.  This simply bewilders me.  How can
people be so irrational?

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