Hepburn's Floppy Pants & the FIT

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Wed Jul 2 12:02:15 MDT 2003

> Katherine Hepburn’s signature baggy slacks suits were the
> centerpiece of The American Look--the creation of Elizabeth Hawes
> (1903-1971).

fascinating. my sis is a clothes/fabric designer in the City, i am
forwarding this piece to her.

did Hawes have a daughter by the way? google is showing an Elizabth B
Hawes who has collaborated with Martha Stewart, but also wrote an
interesting looking book on NYC apartments:


anyway, on EH herself:


and from: http://www.undelete.org/woa/woa12-16.html  

  B. 12-16-1903, Elizabeth Hawes - U.S. Fashion designer, feminist,
  and writer.  EA operated an exclusive couturiere in New York City,
  authored Fashion is Spinach (1938) debunking the fashion scene
  including the uncomfortable clothes men wear.

  EH was the first American to display a fashion collection in Paris.

  She advocated pants for women, skirts for men, and child care
  centers for children.

  In Why Women Cry (1943) she detailed the hardship women suffer as
  working women. Her mother was an early Vassar graduate and
  encouraged the careers of her daughters.

  EH was editor of the "News for Living" department for PM (1940). She
  advocated clothes that fit the body, softly fitted bias-cut dresses.

  Her book Hurry Up Please It's Time (1946) chides women for being
  submissive and taking wage and hour cuts.

  Her Anything But Love (1948) is a satiric compilation of the rules
  of feminine behavior as promulgated by films, radio, and newspapers.

  Her first attempts at fashion design became a battle as
  manufacturers changed materials and even styles to fit the current
  concept of what women should wear rather than EH's concepts of easy
  wearing and care styles.

and from

  Elizabeth Hawes (1903-1971) wrote Why Women Cry: or Wenches with
  Wrenches, a book describing women's experiences working in the
  Wright Aeronautical Plant in Paterson.

les schaffer

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