Symbolic logic, Gerland and New International

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Wed Jul 2 12:07:25 MDT 2003

John Paramo:

> In another list I received the information that Gerland was the
> party name for Jean Van Heijenoort, something I did not know, the
> one time secretary of Trotsky and later famous mathematician.

ahhh, now Heijenoort i saw a lot of last night during google
searches. will revisit after work today, when i will also reply to
your previous reply. i saw a book by Heijenoort at Barnes and Noble
several years ago that looked decent. you're now motivating me to read

apol. accepted. do you live in the NYC area? i'll take you up on the
rum. and am happy to argue about Soviet mathematicians to your heart's

les schaffer

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