logical systems (Query about symbolic logic / Re: marxism-digest V1 #6030)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jul 2 12:54:17 MDT 2003

Jim F.:

thanks for the stanford encylopedia references. will read over the
holidays and we can talk more.

by the way, i just found this:


in the meantime, some things to discuss:

1.) quantum logic: for example, "Quantum mechanics and the particles
of nature", by Anthony Sudbery, has a section on quantum logic, with
comments on the "logic" of two-slit experiments, superselection rules,
and the use of three valued logic to handle system states which are
not eigenstates of observable A.

2.) is there a relation between fuzzy and paraconsistent logic?

3.) quantum logic offers an alternative interpretation of QM, but
offers no new physics (True or false???). fuzzy logic has given us
implementable control schemes for dynamical systems. Godel has
triggered Godel --> Church,Turing --> Chaitin and insights into logic
and computatation. has the latter (Godel --> Chaitin) given us
anything new as in fuzzy, or is it still solely in the realm of

4.) i did some googling and found several references to the use of
paraconsistent logic in the field of relational database systems. what
are the specific computational schemes suggest by the new logic?

5.) paraconsistentcy and interactive computation: see:


which also makes some comments on physics which look worth pursuing.

and then of course:

7.) bringing this all back to marx and dialectics.

les schaffer

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