James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Wed Jul 2 14:49:12 MDT 2003

<they should move the capital of the United Kingdom from London to
Dublin to show their internationalism.>

<the same nation to which you, James, were referring when you cited

Dear Mark

Once at a press conference in Belfast a London journalist asked me had
something or other been in the local or the national news. I asked
which nation he was referring to. He glared at me, furious and
speechless. But I thought my concern was of the essence of our
communication, was the very principle the press conference was about.
Indeed I cannot -- and should not -- think otherwise. That is why you
will see if you look carefully that I did not refer to any nation, but
to the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Ireland) which existed
when Engels was talking.

Republican Socialists in Ireland (north and south, as we say) are well
aware that the second international was the first modern body to
recognise a separate Irish nation -- in the spirit of Marx, whose
writings on Ireland are worth reading (and of Jenny Marx who spent
much time visiting jailed Fenians). Scots and Welsh Republican
Socialists can speak for themselves, but I think neither would
recognise "the nation's capital".

Thank you for bringing a slipshod expression to my attention. Let me
correct it. In my first post, delete "move" and insert "propose the
removal of". Very important, that.



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